Sex, Drugs and Data

Where no Data Scientist has gone before.

  1. The Actual Tidyverse

    Scraping over 1000 R blog posts to visualize how people actually use the Tidyverse functions

  2. Ave Mariah

    Winning An Argument By Extracting and Visualizing Female Pop Singers Vocal Range

  3. Where My Girls At?

    Scraping Goodreads and using ML to estimate how many children's books have a central female character

  4. Playmate of the Month - From Marylin To Ashley

    Scraping Wikipedia To See How Playboy's Models Bodies Changed Over The (64) Years

  5. The One With Friends

    Using Data to Decide Who Was The Lead Character in the NBC Hit Sitcom Friends

  6. Billboard Bananas

    Scraping, Dissecting and Clustering the Billboard Hot 100 Charts

  7. Anne Frank's Diary: A Sentiment Analysis

    Visualizing the Diary of a Young Girl