Sex, Drugs and Data

Where no Data Scientist has gone before.

  1. Source A Python, There's Nothing To It, Vogue

    Combining the best of R and Python in the new RStudio to detect and average the faces of women on the cover of Vogue

  2. The Actual Tidyverse

    Scraping over 1000 R blog posts to visualize how people actually use the Tidyverse functions

  3. Congratulations, it's a Geom! (The ggwithimages Package)

    Drawing Basic Plots with Images - My Seventh Package

  4. E is for Elephant (The ebayr Package)

    Wrappnig ebay's Finding API with httr - My Sixth Package

  5. Snap-Fu

    Making a Snapchat-Like Face Mask by Implementing SSD Deep Learning Object Detection Blatantly Copied from Python, with Keras, reticulate, magick and animation

  6. You're in a room (The CastleOfR Package)

    A Text-Based Adventure for Testing your Skills in R - My Fourth Package