Sex, Drugs and Data

Where no Data Scientist has gone before.

  1. Book'em Danno!

    Applying Deep Learning for the Visual Inference Lineup Protocol (Di Cook's Keynote at rstudio::conf 2018)

  2. Congratulations, it's a Geom! (The ggwithimages Package)

    Drawing Basic Plots with Images - My Seventh Package

  3. E is for Elephant (The ebayr Package)

    Wrappnig ebay's Finding API with httr - My Sixth Package

  4. Ave Mariah

    Winning An Argument By Extracting and Visualizing Female Pop Singers Vocal Range

  5. Repeat Yourself (The songsim Package)

    Calculating and Visualizing a Song Lyrics Self-Similarity Matrix - My Fifth Package

  6. Data Paintings (The kandinsky Package)

    Turn Any Dataset into a Kandinsky Painting - My Second Package

  7. Read My Face

    Drawing Portraits with Text