Sex, Drugs and Data

Where no Data Scientist has gone before.

  1. Source A Python, There's Nothing To It, Vogue

    Combining the best of R and Python in the new RStudio to detect and average the faces of women on the cover of Vogue

  2. Book'em Danno!

    Applying Deep Learning for the Visual Inference Lineup Protocol (Di Cook's Keynote at rstudio::conf 2018)

  3. Snap-Fu

    Making a Snapchat-Like Face Mask by Implementing SSD Deep Learning Object Detection Blatantly Copied from Python, with Keras, reticulate, magick and animation

  4. How Much For the Watch?

    Training a Bi-Modal Deep Learning Network with Keras to Predict the Price of Men's Wristwatches on ebay from Title and Image

  5. Deep South Springfield

    Training a Deep Learning Network with keras to Classify South Park vs. Simpsons Images